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I’ve Never Used a Bail Bond Before, How Do They Work?
Client Testimonials
  • "Mike is a wonderful bondsman and hes always there when you need him!!! " by “A.A.”, Former Client
  • "Scott was not only friendly and professional but quick to help us. He had the paperwork ready when I got to his office and dropped it off at the jail all within an hour. Good to have someone like him when in a bind!!" by “A.C.”, Former Client
  • "VERY helpful & professional. I highly recommend them! Scott is the man" by “A.P.”, Former Client
  • "Mike was very attentive and helpful when my family was facing problems. The Best!! " by “B.M.”, Former Client
  • "Mr. Harrison has served my family well over the past 15 years. He is always available day or not. " by “B.N.”, Former Client
  • "Very knowledge, courteous and professional. The best in north Florida! " by “C.K.”, Former Client
  • "I would not recommend going anywhere else but to Harrison Bail Bonds. " by “C.S.”, Former Client
  • "Great and helpful organization. If you need to 'Get Out' they are the ones to use!!!!" by “D.H.Q.”, Former Client
  • "Bringing family's back together. " by “D.W.”, Former Client
  • "I suggest to all my friends fans and followers if your looking for fast service to bring your family back together..call Harrison Bail Bonds. " by “F.E.F.”, Former Client
  • ""Everything was perfect and sincere - 11/01/2018"" by “Former Client November 1st 2018”, Former Client
  • "This was a hard and public ordeal where we have been judged by others. But, our perception/reality was that you all treated us with dignity and were non-judgmental. Thanks for working with us. If ever any of our friends and/or family ever need these services, we will recommend your company." by “Former Client”
  • "I would recommend anyone here, Mind you it was early in the morning like 3 am, i called and went to two bails bondsman and no one would answer. So i went online searching for someone to help me bail out my dad Mr.Harrison was very helpful & convenient! AND ALSO 24 HOURSĀ  " by “H.Q.”, Former Client
  • "Great customer service and great people! " by “J.J.C.”
  • "Great Service!!" by “J.V.”
  • "Best in town with outstanding service. " by “K.O.”, Peer
  • "So glad I found Harrison Bail Bonds! It was quick and painless." by “L.C.”, Former Client
  • "Harrison bonds is by far the best bondsman in the state! They provide Immediate services in times of need and go above & beyond what is required of them." by “L.G.P.F.”, Peer
  • "As a criminal defense attorney, I send my clients to Harrison Bail Bonds knowing that they will get top-tier service and the attention they deserve. They're a great, hard-working group that treats their clients like family. " by “L.L.”, Peer
  • "very professional. would recommend! " by “M.A.”, Former Client
  • "Bail Bonds done the RIGHT way! Your Freedom deserves their experience." by “M.H.”, Peer
  • "An excellent experience in a troubling time!!" by “M.K.”, Former Client
  • "Harrison's crew is the most professional and trusting people in the business. I will always call on them when needed! " by “M.M.”, Former Client
  • "Best in the business " by “N.C.”, Former Client
  • " If you find yourself in need of a bail bond agent I highly recommend Harrison Bail Bonds." by “R.K.”, Former Client
  • "Thank goodness I called Harrison Bail Bonds. When I called at 3AM on a Tuesday, Scott was the ONLY bondsman that answered the phone. He was so nice and showed up when he said he would." by “S.G”, Former Client
  • "Highly recommend " by “T.H.”, f
  • "If a loved one is in trouble, this is absolutely who I would call." by “T.K.”, Former Client
  • "Harrison Bail Bonds handled my transaction with professionalism from start to finish." by “T.R.”, Former Client
  • "Excellent experience. Professional and very fast." by “Z.M.”, Former Client
  • "Fast service, when you call this agency you speak to a knowledgeable agent that handles you case with the sensitivity you deserve. 24/7 service " by ECJM Staff, Former Client
  • "Very pleased and highly recommend" by V.W., Former Client

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Bail Bondsman in Tallahassee, Florida and surrounding areas.

I’ve Never Used a Bail Bond Before, How Do They Work?

June 6, 2018 Bail Bonds

A bail bond is a term for either property or money that is used to secure release from incarceration based on the bond amount set by the Judge. When an individual is charged with a crime, whether it be in Crawfordville, Florida, Tallahassee, or any other area in the United States, the Judge will ordinarily determine the price of a …

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Tallahassee Bail Bonds

How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost?

May 30, 2018 Bail Bonds

The amount the Judge decides to set a bond at is determined based on the type and quantity of charges the defendant has been charged with. If you have been arrested in Tallahassee, Crawfordville, or any of the surrounding counties in Florida, Harrison Bail Bonds is ready to help you secure the fast, professional, and discreet release of the defendant. …

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