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What Do Florida Bail Bondsman Do?
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What Do Florida Bail Bondsman Do?

What Are Bail Bonds?

The bail bond industry has a rather simple business strategy. If you are arrested and end yourself in jail, you will have to go before a judge who will decide whether or not you can leave jail before your trial. Typically, only individuals accused of the most serious crimes will have their bail completely denied. The judge will determine the amount of bail necessary to guarantee your appearance at trial and prevent any absconding attempts. Let’s say that your crime was only a petty misdemeanor and that your bond was set at $10,000. If you have $10,000, you must pay the entire sum to the court, which you will receive in full back when you appear for your trial.

You will forfeit the entire sum if you fail to show up for your trial. But because the majority of people lack that type of money, they hire a bail bondsman. A non-refundable percentage of your bond, often 10%, goes to the bail bondsman. You would give the bail bondsman $1,000 in this situation. The bondsman would be liable to the court for $10,000 if you failed to appear for your trial. Of course, the bail bondsman would probably also find you because, generally speaking, they don’t appreciate losing money when someone skips out on their bail.

Posting Your Bail with a Florida Bail Bondsman

Your bond amount is normally determined by the crime for which you were detained. If your bail is set at $20,000 for a very minor criminal violation, you would pay a Leon County bail bondsman $2000 to avoid spending more time in jail. Your bail bondsman will gladly keep your $2000 if you successfully arrive for each scheduled court hearing.

If your bond is bigger, you might need to give the bondsman security for the entire bond sum. In other words, you will pledge your home, vehicle, or another type of collateral that is equal to the bond’s total face value. A contract stating that the asset is security for the bond will probably be required of you. The bail bondsman might put a lien on your house, car, or any other collateral you put up if you later “skipped bail,” possibly by departing the state or the country.

In order to guarantee your appearance at your court date, the bondsman may ask you to stay in a specific region, provide them with regular updates, and report your movements. If you fail to appear at a court hearing, the bondsman may use every available means, including the US Marshals, to locate and detain you.

If you skip court dates and disappear, not only will the bail bondsman in Tallahassee be hunting for you but the court will also issue an arrest warrant, and your bond will be deemed to be in default.

How long will the bail bondsman hold you responsible?

When you have a bail bond, the bail bondsman holds you liable for the duration of your upcoming court appearances. If your case is dismissed, you are acquitted, or you are convicted and punished, your bond is effectively revoked and you are released. Neither your bail bondsman nor the court can be held liable for any additional costs, such as court fees. It is the exclusive responsibility of the bondsman to see that you appear at all scheduled court dates. When you fail to show up for your court date, a bail bondsman in Florida might deploy resources to have you arrested.

Tallahassee Bail Bondsman Near Me

If you or a loved one has been arrested, it is, without a doubt, a stressful time. Contact the experienced Tallahassee Bail Bondsman at Harrison Bail Bonds. We have decades of experience in ensuring you or your loved one are released in a timely manner. We are happy to help.

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