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Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds

About Harrison Bail Bonds

Harrison Bail Bonds understands that when one of your loved ones has been arrested, your main priority is to get them out of jail.

You can get bail posted immediately when you contact us. Harrison Bail Bonds knows that when your loved one has to spend a single day in jail that they’re losing an entire work day and an entire day away from their family. Call a Tallahassee¬†bondsman who is committed to helping you!

Instant Service Bail Bonds

You can call and speak to a live agent 24/7. When you call, you can expect prompt, professional services. Your privacy will also be actively protected by our team from the moment you call.

Harrison Bail Bonds has over 20 years of experience providing bail bonds in¬†Tallahassee, Crawfordville, Jacksonville, Florida area, including Leon County, Duval County, Jefferson County, Wakulla County, Gadsden County, Liberty County, Taylor County, Madison County, St. John’s County, Nasau county, Clay County, and many other counties in Florida.

Benefits of working with Harrison Bail Bonds

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Honest business practices
  • Respect for your privacy and opinions
  • Integrity in all business practices
  • Been in business since 1995
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Harrison Bail Bonds has been putting families back together since 1995! Call us to get your loved one freed ASAP. Harrison Bail Bonds specializes in servicing Bail Bonds in Leon County Florida, including Tallahassee, Jefferson County, Liberty County, Calhoun County, Gadsden County, Wakulla County, Taylor County, Madison County, and Franklin County.

Panhandle: 850-926-2299
Tallahassee: 850-575-5151
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