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Client Testimonials
  • "Mike is a wonderful bondsman and hes always there when you need him!!! " by “A.A.”, Former Client
  • "Scott was not only friendly and professional but quick to help us. He had the paperwork ready when I got to his office and dropped it off at the jail all within an hour. Good to have someone like him when in a bind!!" by “A.C.”, Former Client
  • "VERY helpful & professional. I highly recommend them! Scott is the man" by “A.P.”, Former Client
  • "Mike made the process very easy and he is a very nice guy." by “Anonymous”, Former Client
  • "Mike was very attentive and helpful when my family was facing problems. The Best!! " by “B.M.”, Former Client
  • "Mr. Harrison has served my family well over the past 15 years. He is always available day or not. " by “B.N.”, Former Client
  • "Very knowledge, courteous and professional. The best in north Florida! " by “C.K.”, Former Client
  • "I would not recommend going anywhere else but to Harrison Bail Bonds. " by “C.S.”, Former Client
  • "Great and helpful organization. If you need to 'Get Out' they are the ones to use!!!!" by “D.H.Q.”, Former Client
  • "Bringing family's back together. " by “D.W.”, Former Client
  • "I suggest to all my friends fans and followers if your looking for fast service to bring your family back together..call Harrison Bail Bonds. " by “F.E.F.”, Former Client
  • ""Everything was perfect and sincere - 11/01/2018"" by “Former Client November 1st 2018”, Former Client
  • "This was a hard and public ordeal where we have been judged by others. But, our perception/reality was that you all treated us with dignity and were non-judgmental. Thanks for working with us. If ever any of our friends and/or family ever need these services, we will recommend your company." by “Former Client”
  • "I would recommend anyone here, Mind you it was early in the morning like 3 am, i called and went to two bails bondsman and no one would answer. So i went online searching for someone to help me bail out my dad Mr.Harrison was very helpful & convenient! AND ALSO 24 HOURS  " by “H.Q.”, Former Client
  • "Great customer service and great people! " by “J.J.C.”
  • "Great Service!!" by “J.V.”
  • "Best in town with outstanding service. " by “K.O.”, Peer
  • "So glad I found Harrison Bail Bonds! It was quick and painless." by “L.C.”, Former Client
  • "Harrison bonds is by far the best bondsman in the state! They provide Immediate services in times of need and go above & beyond what is required of them." by “L.G.P.F.”, Peer
  • "As a criminal defense attorney, I send my clients to Harrison Bail Bonds knowing that they will get top-tier service and the attention they deserve. They're a great, hard-working group that treats their clients like family. " by “L.L.”, Peer
  • "very professional. would recommend! " by “M.A.”, Former Client
  • "Bail Bonds done the RIGHT way! Your Freedom deserves their experience." by “M.H.”, Peer
  • "An excellent experience in a troubling time!!" by “M.K.”, Former Client
  • "Harrison's crew is the most professional and trusting people in the business. I will always call on them when needed! " by “M.M.”, Former Client
  • "Best in the business " by “N.C.”, Former Client
  • " If you find yourself in need of a bail bond agent I highly recommend Harrison Bail Bonds." by “R.K.”, Former Client
  • "Thank goodness I called Harrison Bail Bonds. When I called at 3AM on a Tuesday, Scott was the ONLY bondsman that answered the phone. He was so nice and showed up when he said he would." by “S.G”, Former Client
  • "Highly recommend " by “T.H.”, f
  • "If a loved one is in trouble, this is absolutely who I would call." by “T.K.”, Former Client
  • "Harrison Bail Bonds handled my transaction with professionalism from start to finish." by “T.R.”, Former Client
  • "He always answers the phone and is available at almost all times. I’m very happy that I went to them instead of any other bondsman in the Tallahassee area." by “W.S.”, Former Client
  • "Excellent experience. Professional and very fast." by “Z.M.”, Former Client
  • "Fast service, when you call this agency you speak to a knowledgeable agent that handles you case with the sensitivity you deserve. 24/7 service " by ECJM Staff, Former Client
  • "Very pleased and highly recommend" by V.W., Former Client
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The Harrison Bail Bonds team wants to get your defendant out of jail ASAP. Don’t let your loved one sit in a cell for a minute longer than they have to. We are the premier Live Oak Bail Bonds company. Call our Live Oak Bondsman today!

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