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Do Bounty Hunters Still Exist in the United States?
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Do Bounty Hunters Still Exist in the United States?

In short, yes, the art of Bounty Hunting is alive and well in the United States. In fact, according to BountyHunterEdu.org, in the event that a defendant who is out on bail fails to appear in court as scheduled, the bail bondsman is responsible to pay back the court the cash bond that was promised. If the fugitive cannot be found, the bail bondsman will pay a bounty hunter to arrest and return him in order to avoid losing the monetary bond.

When a licensed bail bondsman gives them arrest authority, licensed bounty hunters can use it to legally seize the fugitive and collect a percentage of the bond’s value.

What States Have Bounty Hunters?

Essentially, Bounty Hunters can operate in any state within the continental United States, with the only exceptions being Oregon, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Kentucky.

Bounty hunter licenses are required in 22 of the 46 states that allow Bounty Hunters. There are particular laws in place in some states, such asCalifornia, that control the activity of bounty hunting, although these professionals are not required to be licensed.

Throughout much of the United States, bail enforcement is now a recognized career path. For more information on the rules and regulations each state has for bounty hunters, click here.

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